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How to remove sticky labels off preserving jars

food preservation Jun 14, 2024
How to remove sticky labels off preserving jars

I shared some tips on getting sticky labels off preserving jars in a recent newsletter. It was quite a popular topic and many of you emailed me back with your own tips and methods for doing this. So, I thought all these tips deserved to be saved here for future reference.

Whether you use labels on your preservers, you're recycling store bought jars or your brand new jars have stickers on them, it's not uncommon for preservers to have to spend some time removing sticky labels from glass jars. Some labels come off easily and others can be a frustrating experience.


The following are options for removing the labels:

  • Fill the jar with very hot water keeping water off the label. Wait 5 - 10 min so the adhesive can soften. The label will often peel right off. Important note - you don't usually want to pour very hot water into cold jars due to the risk of breakages so you could add warm water from the tap, allow the glass to warm up a little then replace with very hot water from the tap (boiling water isn't needed).
  • A 1:1 mix of oil and baking soda or even cooking oil on its own can help to remove leftover adhesive. 
  • Orange essential oil can be a good low-tox option for removing adhesive.
  • De-Solvit is a commercial product that is very good at removing adhesive (not a low-tox option).
  • Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) removes adhesive easily.
  • Soak in warm soapy water and rub off the label. Any extra glue can be removed with a soapy steelo pad (take care to not scratch the glass).


If the adhesive is extra stubborn, the best option is to place the jar into your recycling bin and forget about it ūüėĀ



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