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Are you ready to create the pantry of your dreams?

It's time to start your preserving journey and enjoy the convenience, joy and abundance that comes from having a pantry full of delicious and healthy home-preserves.

It's time to enjoy time-saving homemade meals where you know exactly what's in your food.

It's time to get back to basics, learn the traditional skills of our ancestors and be more self-sufficient.

The Preserver’s Kitchen is an online membership designed to support people just like you to preserve their own food and enjoy the benefits that come from having a well-stocked pantry.

We only open the doors to The Preserver's Kitchen Membership a few times each year so add you name to the waitlist and we'll be in touch soon!

Welcome to My Patch


Hi, I'm Kylie!

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you've found some inspiring recipes and have enjoyed my reflections on preserving food.

I have a background as an academic in food and love teaching others how to not only preserve their own food but to enjoy a more easeful and healthy life because of them.

I'm a big-time foodie who is attempting a self-sufficient life on a quarter-acre section in Gisborne, New Zealand.



It's been a game changer for us!

I joined The Preserver's Kitchen subscription with the aim of beginning to preserve, as it is a skill I have wanted to learn for a long time but never got around to. Kylie makes it so easy to start, which is the hardest thing. She is great at keeping in touch and encouraging your efforts and I am now addicted. Cannot wait to see what comes next. Thanks Kylie.
Renee C - New Zealand


I'm now pressure canning & I'm hooked!


The Preserver's Kitchen Membership has been so helpful in building my confidence in all methods of preserving. We have a big family and live on a lifestyle property with extensive gardens and I would love to get to the point where we are making the most of what we are able to grow to use throughout the year. Through the membership I've built confidence and knowledge in overflow method and waterbathing and after one of the live sessions was even brave enough to get my pressure canner out of the box it had been sitting in for almost a year! Now I'm hooked!

The supportive online community has been a great place to ask questions and Kylie's expertise and clear instructions makes the process of preserving in a variety of methods so much easier.
Hayley S - New Zealand

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